An iPad, a cat and a videorecorder…

…oh and the cat’s friend who seems to know a little bit more than the cat does about the iPad and is probably the one that bought the iPad for his cat ;)

Don’t usually like stuff videos with animals in it, yes I’m talking about the cat ;)

Barcelona photos from last week-end

Barcelona beach

I took the below pictures below last week-end in Barcelona. I went to see a Depeche Mode concert with my best friend Amandine and we all had a great time with Caroline, Agathe and Mehran.

Barcelona Beach House with view of boat through the window
Barcelona Beach House with view of boat through the window
Barcelona Port: Sunny Shadows
Barcelona Port: Sunny Shadows
Barcelona Beach: Ron the Sandman
Barcelona Beach: Ron the Sandman

If you like these you may want to check out the set of photos


Fox News caught falsifying footage

Over at the great Huffington Post is an article about how Jon Stewart explains in his traditional humorous fashion how Fox News falsified footage (unbelievable of course ;) ), to give people the impression that a GOP rally was far bigger than it actually was.

Love the ending with Comedy Central’s own version also using unrelated footage! :)

Google Wave: Pulp Fiction style

Yes it’s a take on Pulp Fiction so there is some ‘foul’ language involved but if you can ‘take it’ then check it out, quite funny

Ray Ban Viral Video Success

Ray Ban has been extremely successful with a new viral video seen and then sent to friends by millions of people:

So can you tell why Ray Ban is behind it? Enjoy !

Huggs for free :)

What a nice little video :)

How to cheer people up, bringing a bit of happiness into their lives. Check out the switch from black and white, to colour…

Male Restroom Etiquette

A verry funny video about how to behave when you’re in a male restroom aka public toilets :

Enjoy ;)

The IE7 site did you say ?

Have you taken a look at the new and very pretty web site at ?

No, oh well please do it’s really worth the trip from here to there, it’s a great advert :)

Link from the man in blue.

The WebDNA of UbiKann


While visiting sites that link to UbiKann the other day I came across a site called Neatorama, which covers funny and unusual content.

One of the posts covers the story of the WebDNA project. When I tried it the first time the guy’s server must have been slowly dying under the numerous hits from so many visitors. Today however I was able to take a few snapshots of different sites.

This is’s DNA profile “à la” WebDNA :

UbiKann Web DNA

This is’s WebDNA (a site I just finished) : WebDNA

This is the WebDNA of Gossamer-Threads (my hosting company) :

Gossamer-Threads Web DNA

Finally this is the WebDNA of ‘A List A Part’ :

A List A Part's Web DNA

The Web DNA site explains that the structure of the content is used to create the image and that “a semantically rich site will appear brighter than one with messy old-style code”…

How Microsoft would advertise the iPod

A short video parody of what Microsoft would probably have done, had they been in charge of advertising for Apple’s iPod product :

Ooooh it is soooo bad making fun of Microsoft ;)