Lego guys gone wild

Below is a video of a Great Ball Contraption circuit that takes nearly 8 minutes to complete and probably took weeks to build if not months. This is like Lego 5.0 compared to what I used to be able to do with Lego when I was kid!

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Babies talk about Google’s +1

OK you should probably only watch this once, as it may get annoying, listening to it again, so here is an exposé about Google +1, “from the babies mouth” as they say:


“This is going to change everything”

“Talk to the hand bill”

It’s a translation version of the viral twin baby video…

Check out the original viral version here:

And if you are actually interested about what “us old adults” think the twins are actually saying, check the twins’ parents’ site and the twins being interviewed on GMA, or is that the parents or both ;)

Flying adverts: tiny adverts attached to common flies

A pretty unusual and original buzz around an advertising stunt at a German trade show. I never thought I’d be amused by a video of those pesky household flies. Obvioulsy 2nd generation offspring won’t be born with the same adverts ;) :

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Glyphs used in Fringe TV series


Just came across an article by Julian Sanchez that explains what the glyphs mean that are used in the TV series Fringe just before adverts. The below picto was created by, it illustrates the glyphs used and already looks superb.


As expected, with JJ Abrams, who hooked me with Alias, the concept is brilliant, engaging, and could prove to be just as interesting as his series Fringe.